Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Forward

Hey peeps!

How about this daylight savings time??  Ugh.  So tired, lol.  But I do like the extra daylight in the evenings, so I guess it's a matter of time to get used to it.   Really like this time of year, the weather is perfect, the colors are fabulous everywhere, and it means Summer is almost here!!

Built another theme, and then realized I haven't made a BW in awhile,  so made one of those too!  And I made a version for iPhone as well!  Note that this is for Weathericon for the new jailbreak.  Will not work with older versions.  *****UPDATE*****  Added SpringForward Weather Widgets for perpagehtml> Link below:)

Ok, so onto the goodies..

The  theme is called Plastique, and has 6 color options on the banner, 2 hidden docks and a ws!  Have a look on theme page to buy it!

And here is the BW!  I called it Spring Forward of course!!

BW Spring Forward, Wp by me on wall page....for iPhone too!!


Spring Forward BW


Spring Forward Battex

Spring Forward Weather Icon      

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