Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Even simpler

As promised here is another simple realistic set with no fancy rainbows, so maybe the guys will actually download this one, lol.  Was having trouble naming it, but since I finished while Hurricane Sandy was on her war path and wreaking havoc across the eastern sea board, I aptly called the set Hurricane.  Hoping everyone is safe and will remain safe as she makes her way where she belongs...out to sea!  As always, Enjoy.





Thursday, October 18, 2012

A simpler life

So here I was sitting watching the debate thinking, oh if life were simpler :)  I know I wish it could be. In fact I wish I could turn back time ( yes, like the Cher song, lol). Well then I thought, hmm...I need to make a set that's simple, yet has a little flair.  So here it is.  It's classic, simple, with just a little colour here and there.  Hope you like.  As always, Enjoy.
PS..Guys, don't worry - will have a "simple guy " set for you coming soon:)  However, we could all use a little rainbows in our lives!






Monday, October 1, 2012

October - A Time for Hope

I love October for many reasons....it's Halloween season, and more importantly, it's Breast Cancer Awareness month.  So many people affected by this horrible disease, and not just breast cancer.  I lost my mom 2 years ago to two types of rare cancer, and I wish there was more research or had been better treatment for it.  Here is the link for it Amyloidosis  and Multiple Myeloma.  Not much exposure given to the lesser known cancers, but just as important.
Having said that, I support all causes and being a woman, breast cancer is a high priority.  Inspired by the new theme Mini_Banner Live Hope br drkapprenticeDesigns, I made a battex to go with the theme. Wp also made be me and posted in wp section for both Torch/iPhone and Bold 99xx.
As always, Enjoy.



Hope Battex