Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Holiday's!!

Yes it's that time again.  Shopping lists, Peppermint Mocha's, Decorating, Cold weather, Festive spirit all around.  I think I'm going to do most of my shopping on-line this year.  Really couldn't be bothered with the stores at all.  And gift cards for most.  It's really the best thing to give these days....
Need to start decorating though.  Will wait for after Thanksgiving and get it all done on Saturday, since that's when Elf of the Shelf comes to visit!  LOL.

So here is a brand new set for the holidays for both BW and iPhone..a little different than the usual color, but I think it came out pretty "royal" looking as my bestie Wendy put it, haha.

Also reposting some older xmas sets in case you forgot about them :)  ( Currently those are only for BW, but am working on converting them for WWI iPhone).

Have a happy and merry season!

Wild Xmas BWI
Wild Xmas WWI

Elegant Xmas BWI

A different image for each condition!

Hello Xmas BWI

Frio Xmas BWI

This last one was by donation only for $1.50 and you can still get it for the same low price!  Click on the donate button to the side of the blog.  Thanks!

Jingle Bells

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I had requests for some sets and here they are.   Sparkle set in Gold for iPhone and BW,  and the Climacon set by Adam Whitcroft which I converted for BW in ICS Blue and white.

Not much else to say today.....just Enjoy:)

Climacons White BW
Climacons ICS Blue BW

Sparkles Gold BW 
Sparkles Gold WW for iPhone