Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk!!!

Hello, everyone!!  It's been way toooooo long.  Have had a very busy summer so far....My sister was here for 3 weeks with her kids from Africa, and then I was in Toronto for 2 weeks...
It's been great!  Loved it, and the break was much needed!

But here I am back again....And today I am posting a new weather set for Legacy BlackBerry, Android and iPhone :)  I called it Tribal Dance in honor of my place of birth and my sister's visit from Africa:)

I wasn't too sure about this I have been in a creative slump lately, lol.  I hope you guys like it:)

As always Enjoy.

Tribal Dance Weather....Thanks Wendy for the SS!  Looks fab!  Wallpaper I made on the wp page!

Tribal Dance BW

Tribal Dance Widget Icons