Monday, March 4, 2013

Bubbly, BB Style

Hey guys! Sorry haven't been posting many goodies lately...I've been busy trying my hand at theming for BlackBerry and let me tell you, I have a deep appreciation for all the theme developers out there.  Especially without a TB7, it's that much harder and time consuming then it was before.  Well for me anyway! LOL.
I've managed to learn basic theme building thanks to my good friends drkapprentice, Themerzz, 69Goat, and Simple Designs.  They are a tremendous help and never get tired of me asking questions.  Well maybe they do and are too nice to tell me to bugger off! HaHa...

At any I fell in love with Bubbly Zebra weather by Lucy of Droidsr4girls and iPhonealicious and use it all the time.  So imagine my envy when she recently released her Bubbly Zebra iPhone theme.  I was like must I get an iPhone?  LOL.  But Lucy to the rescue!  Saved me a lot of money she did...haha.  She let me use her icons and styles to make some of my own that I would need to make a BlackBerry theme! Woohoo!  How awesome!  So here you have Bubbly Zebra, BlackBerry style!  I can not thank her enough!  I love the icons and now I (and other BB peeps) can have them too on your phone!!   I made a Battex to go as well, so now you can have the whole set....Theme and battex here, and BW from Lucy's blog droidsr4girls!

Just a word...all this stuff takes a lot of time and sometimes its a huge headache...donations are always welcome in order for me and others to continue providing you with stuff to make your phones look great!

As always, Enjoy.

Bubbly Zebra Theme on theme page - wp from  Lucy's iphone blog

BB Zebra WP on wall page 



Bubbly Zebra Battex

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