Thursday, March 28, 2013

Apples are good for you:)

Me again!  Had a request from Wendy to convert a couple of sets to the new Weather Icon for the recent jailbreak for iDevices, so I managed to do 4 for now, and will work on others and weatherwidgeticons when I get back from Spring Break in lovely (cold) Montana!

And Wendy has made some matching Zeppelins for you!!!  Yay! So proud of her for making them!  She used the icons from my battex sets and converted so now everyone can have fun with them!  Thanks girl, you're the best!!
Check out her blog for great wp and now, some iPhone goodies!  It's a Berry Sweet iLife

While I'm gone I'll be enjoying the break, maybe skiing (who me? In the cold? Yeah right...more like chilling in the Chalet lol) relaxing, messing with my shiny new Zed 10.....
But please feel free to stop by, browse, hang out and grab a few things:)
Have a great Easter and Spring Break!
As always, Enjoy!

Under the Boardwalk WI
Under the Boardwalk Zep

Spring Forward Zep1


  1. Hi. I have finally stumbled upon your blog. I have been looking for new Icon Sets for my perpage and iwidgets. I was wondering it it was ok if i posted the icons i use with my widgets on my blog with my UI's and ofcourse credit you?

  2. Thanks for finding me, LOL!

    I don't mind you posting the icons as long as you credit and link them to my blog if that's ok with you?

    Thanks and enjoy!!

  3. No problem!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!