Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What is your destiny?

I'm a little Star Wars crazy at the moment.  Saw the movie and absolutely loved it.  Can't wait to see it again.  Anyway.  So remember Bayside?  Well I figured that was the lightside of the icons, and now for the darkside!  Haha. I know how geeky.  But oh well, it's all fun!

Have a very Happy and Merry Christmas!  Thanks for all your support!  Enjoy

Darkside for Zooper

Monday, December 21, 2015

One more.. I think !

Another new icon pack released called Bayside find it in the playstore.  This means another new weather for you!

Hope Everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

EDIT:   Thanks to Susan iPDash, we now have Bayside for iPhone! Be sure to thank her for all her great and unique work!

Bayside zooper

Bayside Iphone

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Feels like Christmas!

Certainly must feel like Christmas! Lots of goodies here on my blog!

One more set to share, new icons currently in beta called Immaterialis.  Matching weather here!

For Zooper, KLWP, and yes iOS!




Monday, December 7, 2015

Apple Love

A friend of mine from G+ converted some sets to iPhone:)  So more for you, in addition to the ones converted by Susan and Stephanie.  Thank you all

I have updated the original posts with the links..

Frio Xmas (new version)
Aura 2


Friday, December 4, 2015

One More!

New icons coming, set to match right here! Very colourful, may even go with Christmas stuff!   For Zooper Pro (and KLWP)

*EDIT  Yay Susan!  Thanks girl!  Ergon weather converted by Susan for iPhone JB....Be sure to check out her blog iPDash for some great icons! ----->

Ergon for Zooper

Ergon iPhone

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Icons, new weather!

New icons just go released called Noctum  (playstsore).  Love them!

So of course I made a weather to match!  For Zooper and KLWP (link on G+)

Gladly taking donations!  If you like my work , Click the button on the side bar or just use   Thanks and always appreciated!


Noctum for Zooper Pro

Noctum iPhone

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Is Winter coming?

Don't know about winter temps just yet for us, but I'm betting soon!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and managed to get some great deals shopping...I'm frankly waiting for cyber Monday, lol!

Here is a transparent set for Zooper Pro (and KLWP for those who use it - can find the link on my G+ page)



Claro iPhone

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winter is coming!

Well for some of us.  Some of us will get it later, but here is a set for the cold weather coming!

Frosty for Zooper Pro (and Kustom)...


UPDATE:  @tennisjunkie2  converted Frosty for iPhone!  Enjoy and big thanks to her:):)!!

Frosty for Zooper

Frosty iPhone

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello November...

It's November!!
Since the stores have had Christmas stuff out for weeks now, I figured I would join them!

4 sets previously made for Beweather, converted to Zooper Pro with some updates..and one new..

T'is the season!

Christmas Sweater

Frio Christmas
Frio Christmas iPhon

Candy Cane 



Tuesday, October 13, 2015

So glad for this weather!

Love this weather we are having!  Despite all that rain we had, it's now perfectly fall...Had my first PSL of the season too :)

A new icon pack came out recently called Plexis..absolutely gorgeous color palette so of course I had to make a set, lol.
Also made a more normal color version as it was requested.  Both for Zooper Pro.




Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello October

Well it certainly feels like fall here.  We've had nothing but rain for the last week, and more to come.
I still haven't had my first PSL - need to make a trip to Starbucks I guess.

Here is another zooper weather set called Aura.  Made to match icons of the same name now in the Playstore.
I LOVE them.....Also added a few walls for Halloween and to match Aura.

Enjoy :)


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rainy weekend boredom..

So it's been raining all weekend...hence out of boredom, comes some goodies for you!

Some walls and a weather set for Zooper Pro- Thriller Light as many requested..

So here we go!

Here is a sample of a wall...more on the walls page :)

Thriller Light

Monday, September 21, 2015

With Fall comes apples...

My dear friend Susan has converted a couple more sets for iPhone!  So enjoy them and don't forget to visit her blog iPDash for great unique stuff!!

Thriller iPhone

Fall Festival iPhone

Monday, September 14, 2015

Finally feels like Fall!

UPDATE:   Vivace for iPhone!  Converted by Susan from iPDASH, thanks girlfriend!

Vivace iPhone

Last couple days the temps have been gorgeous!!  I think Autumn is finally here!

Anyway not much to say on this Monday except get ready for Halloween!

Couple sets is an old one converted to Zooper, and the other new for Halloween.

Enjoy - and remember to credit and NOT for commercial use...Thanks

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happy Labour Day

As I have been sequestered here on my couch while I fight this cold, I thought I would make a couple of custom requests I had.  A sketchy version and and toned down version of Vivace. Here are just some sample icons from the sets..for Zooper Pro.

It's Labour day weekend and I'm sick  go figure....oh well...time to play with photoshop lol

As always enjoy!

Vivace Sketch

Vivace Light

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hello September...

September is a bittersweet month for me for many reasons...My hubby, my son, my mom all have birthdays this month. It's also the month my parents got married.
What is not so good, is that I lost my precious angel mom this month 5 years ago.  The void and pain has still yet to subside...
I try and look at all the other happy things this month has, and keep calm...:)

One of the things I do to keep my occupied and not think about what this month means (as far as my mom goes) is escape by making weather sets...probably why I have made so many lately..knowing what September will bring..

Anyways...New weather called Vivace for zooper pro.  In Italian it means bright and colorful...need some cheer right now........Keep Calm and enjoy:)


Friday, August 28, 2015

Last one....for this series

OMG I can't stop!  Love these icons so much, I made yet another version of Retroika lol.  This one I call Fall For Me as it can also be used for many autumn wp!
Also, iPdash has converted one of my fave sets Surf weather for iPhone (link under promo)!!!

Again check out her blog - link in blog roll ------------>


Fall For Me 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Catching up...

***Update***  Susan from iPDash  rocks.  She was nice enough to convert Retrorika and Retrorika v2 for iPhone users with jailbreak!  Yeah, she's cool like that.  Should check out her blog..very unique stuff!
Thanks again girl, really appreciate it!!
Link is under Retrorika promo's....

Sorry been a very long time...busy fun summer!  Anyway I have made a few zooper weather sets that I didn't have time to post here, so here they are!  Hope everyone had a great summer!
Back to school tomorrow for my son, which means fall is around the corner!  And who know what that will bring!

As always enjoy!

Retrorika v2  these go with the amazing icons of the same name by Sikebo Giraz.  Currently in beta.

All colors in the folder

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Back to work..

I've recently started working again and my free time is very rare these days....
However when I do get a moment, this is what I do!
Couple new sets for Zooper...Enjoy

I'm going to be working on converting a couple from Beweather to zooper as requested as well as converting the clouded glass one to Beweather...stay tuned!

Ciel in 7 different colors

Linia in 5 colors


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's raining weather sets!

Made a few sets that I haven't had time to post...but it's been raining all weekend so here they are...

For Zooper.  Enjoy:)

Neon Lights

Summer Days


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring has finally sprung!

Finally, I think it's here to stay.......Been spring cleaning, sun is out, pollen (yuck) is here, flowers riding bikes...Yep I'd say we're good to go!

Here's a new series...Sunshine, in 8 colors!   Zooper only at the moment..

Happy Easter, and as always, Enjoy!

All colors are found in the one folder:

Sunshine   (fixed link...sorry!)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Time for some apples..

So, I was glad to see that Susan from iPdash converted Clouded Glass for iphone!  Big thanks, as I really have not had time.  You should check out her blog too as she makes very unique and different walls and icons that are way cool!

So here is Clouded Glass for iPhone, courtesy of Susan...hopefully I can get her to do some more!

Edit:  Susan converted a couple more!  Hooray!!!  So give her a big thanks, please!!!!!!

And if there are any that iPhone folks want converted, let us know!  Thanks..

Clouded Glass Pink


Clouded Glass iPhone

Round and Round we go...

Vacation was great, but fell sick after coming back...worked on these while recovering...
For Zooper only for the time being....Enjoy...


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Break is here!

Yes, Spring has arrived!  And we're headed on vacation!!  YAY!
Going to Orlando to see Harry Potter, and Hope and Winter from Dolphin Tale.  Can't wait!!!

I'm still debating the Beweather issue.  So for right now here are some more Zooper sets.  I will convert to iPhone if there are many requests, and if I have time, to BeWeather....

Enjoy the week, and see you soon!



Thursday, March 19, 2015

Changing weather...

It sure has been a roller coaster of weather lately.  We had terrible winter weather, then really nice warm days, then cold again, then rain, then warm, then cold and rain.....well you get the idea.  I'm just so ready for it to settle down and get warm again!

So here are a few different weather sets!  All for Zooper, except for Keep Calm which is just a converted set from BeWeather...

I've been debating on making BeWeather sets anymore.  The app hasn't been updated in forever, and the weather doesn't always update all the time.  Besides, Zooper icon sets are so much easier, LOL.

Do people still use and want BeWeather?  Let me know...

As always, Enjoy:)

Gladiator Zooper

Keep Calm Zooper

Fun Zooper

Clouded Pink (on request)

Clouded Purple


Clouded Pink

And of course Purple!