Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hey guys..quick post here...@tennisjunkie2 requested a custom Hoot BW set, and has kindly allowed to share!   Thanks girl you're the best.  I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate your sharing it!! Be sure to thank her!!

Here is Hoot Hoot:)

wp from Julie! Cute!



Hoot Hoot BW

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


OMG, only 8 more days!!  Can't wait!!   Made a new BB10 wp series in 5 colors!  On wp page:)

And how about this new background!!  Love it! Thanks, Elizabeth.  She is so talented...check out her blog BabyBerryGirl  :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Can you believe there are only 14 days until BB10 launches??  Well I believe!  And I can't wait.  Of course we're also waiting to find out when we can actually buy the devices, but come January 30,  we will all know!  Don't think I can hold out for the qwerty version, so I'll be trying out the Z10..gotta love that name *wink*

For the next 2 weeks, I'll be posting some BlackBerry stuff so keep an eye out! 

To start, a BB10 battex and wp.  Battex posted below, wp in 4 colors on the wp page...As always, Enjoy!

BB10 Battex 
Theme is Tiempo get it on MyBBota and App World,  new wp posted on wall page

Monday, January 14, 2013


Hello everyone!  It's been awhile! Thanks for continuing to stop by:)

Good news!  New Orb theme built by drkapprenticeDesigns and designed by me has been released!  It's an awesome theme with something for everyone...Seriously, you're going to want this one!  Lots of function and color choices and a vertical clock!!  Drkapprentice did a great job of making this design come to life so do me a favour and grab your copy today!!  Check out the theme section for a look:)

Also, I have decided to make and sell custom icon sets for BlackBerry theme developers.  I already have 2 that I'm working on, so if there are any developers out there that need or want a different set of icons for their upcoming theme, just let me know:)  And please help spread the word!   If I get enough interest, I *may* make some icon sets for Android users too....

So I've been a busy bee lately with theme design and custom icon sets, but I did manage to carve out a little time for some BW sets!  Now I know it's a bit early for it, but as I was making this, it just sort of became a Valentines set.   I call it Kiss n Tell and it comes in Purple, Pink, Red and White.  The white one will be free to download, and the other colors will be by donation for $1.50 each.  Just let me know which ones you would like in the notes section via Paypal.   There are also some walls posted to match on my wp page.

Kiss n Tell Purple

Theme is ORB by drkapprentice and hamsterwheel, battex is Language Heart by  Elizabeth of babyberrygirl



Kiss n Tell White

Kiss n Tell Pink

Kiss n Tell Red


Thursday, January 3, 2013

A time to theme

Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a fun, safe and Happy New Year!  Hoping 2013 is going to be a great year.    Lot's of things to look forward to, and the first one being the launch of BB10!! YAY!  Of course I'm going to get the Z10 *wink*  I'm excited about it, BUT.   Yes there is a but.   I'm kinda bummed that it won't be customizable.  Not yet anyway.  This means no themes, BW sets etc.   Unless some developers make an app that allows you to do this, which I'm hoping for.  So in the mean time, I'm getting my fix of themes by designing  some myself.  Some really great and wonderful theme developers  are building them and I can't thank them enough.   The first 2 are complete and available for purchase!!  Woohoooo!!  So tell your friends, your family, the neighbour, the grocery store clerk, I don't care, lol.  Help a fellow BB addict and make you Berry look stylish!  Head on over to the newly created Theme tab above and check them out!

Don't worry, I've not forgotten BW sets or battex..just took a little time off to design themes and icons...In fact I have a couple of sets in mind :)

Here are a couple of scree shots for each theme:)

Thanks Wendy for the so cute screen!  Glass theme with Dotted Pink BW by hamsterwheel

Theme is Tiempo and BW is Auld Lang Syne by hamsterwheel and New Year's Battex by Elizabeth of BabyBerryGirl