Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Time!

Yes it's finally here!  After a long, crazy winter even for us, Summer has shown her happy self:)
The long lazy days of Summer are upon us and it's about time too.  Time to bust out those flip flops (hooray!), shorts and t's.  My typical summer uniform, with a bathing suit thrown in (we won't talk about how I really feel about wearing that though:) ).

As I was thinking about this post, I realized how I long for the simpler times in life.  Where we didn't have the need for schedules and camps etc to get through the summer.  When just letting the kids play outside all day and wait for the ice cream truck to come by was enough.  Now it seems that boredom sets in so easily and there always has to be something to do.   When we didn't care what phone we had, or felt the need to post on Facebook and IG and Twitter and anywhere else.  Don't get me wrong, I love technology and am a victim to it myself, but sometimes you think back and life was so much better when it was simple.

And so I decided to go back to basics and put together a simple weather set.  No fancy patterns and designs and colors, just a clean set, that really will look good on any wallpaper.  It's just weather after all :)
Actually it will look great with a lot of summer backgrounds!

Enjoy the Simple Times:)

Simple Times BWI   ***  Please let me know if this works, I haven't had time to test it  ***

Simple Times WWI