Thursday, December 27, 2012

Should old acquaintance be forgot...

Did every one have a great Christmas?!  Can you believe it's all over?  Wow.  We had a wonderful time (although I did get sick..ugh) and now to play with and wear and spend all the gifts we received:)  Or return and exchange shhh.  I liked everything, I swear. LOL.   But the parties don't stop yet!  We have the New Year to ring in!  Time to get ready for some more holiday cheer, champagne style! Whether you go out and party like it's 1999, or stay home and watch the ball drop on TV, it doesn't matter a good time will be had!

So to celebrate, the Blogger Girls bring you yet another treat!   A New Year BW by hamsterwheel (that's me, lol) super cute batteryex by Elizabeth of BabyBerryGirl (omg, you have to let you battery die!  It's what we're all gonna need!), fabulous WP by Wendy of It's a berry sweet life, and  a VIP guest appearance by none other than JayDee with some awesome WP as well!  Check out my wall page for the awesome New Year collection that she has made for us!
Head on over to each of these sites to grab  the complete set!  So much fun doing this with you girls!

Also wanted to say, to all who have visited, downloaded, and especially donated, thanks for all your support, it means alot!   Just keep coming back - makes it all worth while:) Let's have a great 2013!

Rock out your devices with these goodies, and everyone  have a safe and Happy New Year!!!!

Here is the BW set I made, called Auld Lang Syne:)  It's a text set with different New Year images throughout the conditions... First two WP by JayDee found on my wall page, and the last one made by Wendy which you can get from her blog:) And some extra's too!

Auld Lang Syne BW

Two versions of the New Year Battex by Elizabeth, in black and white!  And, oh wait until you see what happens when you and your phone have had enough champagne!




Saturday, December 15, 2012

Catch a wave..

Is everyone ready?? A little more than a week away, and Santa will finally come! Yay! . I know my son can't wait...he's really sure Santa is brining him an iPod Touch, lol.   Shhhhh.   I'm finished with all my shopping!  Now to wait for the bills, eek!  I was going to make these by donation only, but t'is the season, so have at em!   I really won't mind though if you do click the donate's always needed and appreciated!!  Oh wait.  Haven't gotten hubs anything.  Gawd.  Guess I'll be hitting the stores again.  Oh well. It's fun.  One for for me...sigh.. Okay well I'm taking a bit of hiatus from the Christmas stuff to post 3 sets that I had been working on and finally finished.  Wallpapers on the wall page.   Hope you like and as always Enjoy.


Wave BW

Wave Purple BW

Wave Pink BW



 Wave Heart Purple Battex

Wave Heart Pink Battex

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside...

Eeek!  Temperature's are beginning to drop out here in Raleigh..brr.  I know it's not as cold as some of you are experiencing, but for me it's cold regardless. LOL.  Hence I've really been enjoying my warm cups of hot chocolate...especially the peppermint variety...Something about that drink screams Christmas and winter and boy does it taste yuumy!   I made a couple of walls of steaming cups of cocoa...So grab one and let's share some yumminess together:)  Enjoy
Posted on wall page:)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

EDIT: Couple more added:)

On my recent blog visits to my favourite sites, I fell in love with some of the walls that Susan from iPDASH had made.  She has great talent and has a very unique style.  Of course the walls are for the iPhone 5 but she was kind enough to resize a couple for me (thanks, girl!)...BUT of course I wanted more of them and I really didn't want to keep bugging her to make them for my phone.  So I attempted to make a couple of my own.  Not as good as her's but not too bad, lol.
Thanks for the inspiration and ideas, Susan!
Check out my wall page for how they turned out:)  

Friday, December 7, 2012


As I was chatting with @inlove_bb we were commenting on which emoticon we liked in BBM.  Well from there we thought hey, we need a battex of them so we can always see them on our home screen! LOL. So here I present you with the emoticon battex...and I made a wall to match...hahaha.  Just having a little fun in an otherwise stressful time of year...Enjoy!

All the levels are different smilies, and for charging, I used the new BBM 7 ones:)  They crack me up!
You'll just have to download to see them all!

Emoticon Batttex

Berry and Bright

So I did say I was working on a couple other sets, didn't I?  Sorry my Android peeps, but I just wanted to show some BB love for the season. Next one will be universal, I promise:)  Added a cpl of walls as well.
I made 2 version of this one, one for Christmas, and one to be used at any time of the year.  I'm really hoping the guys will like this  As always, Enjoy.

Merry  Berry



Merry Berry BW

Very Berry

Very Berry BW

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Have a jolly, holly, Christmas....

Hey everyone!  No..sorry no new weather set, although I am working on a couple *wink*..
Just posted a few walls. Posted on the wall tab.....hopefully you will always, Enjoy!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Candy Dreams

Here's a special treat brought to you by the "BlackBerry Blogger Girls", Elizabeth, Wendy and yours truly:)
We just thought it would be a great idea to do a collaboration and this is how it turned out!  Elizabeth of BabyBerrGirl made the BeWeather set, Wendy of It's a berry sweet life made the walls, and I of Keep Calm  and Berry On, made the battex!

It's a cute set filled with peppermint dreams:)
Get the battex here, and then head on over to the other girls' blogs  to get the rest of the goodies!!!

I've also posted a few new walls I made. Don't laugh...I'm not very good at it, lol!!!

As always, Enjoy!

Peppermint Candy Battex

Notification Discharging


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deck the halls

This season is the time for over indulgence I think, lol   The tree is up, lights outside are lit up, stockings hung, decorations underway...but no where near getting all the things on my Christmas list. Can you believe my 7 year old son wants an Ipod Touch?. Yes. He's 7.  And no, I can't talk him into a BlackBerry..He wants to face time with his friends....pfft.  Anyway...over indulgence is good right?  Once a year?  So why not also have more holiday sets?!!

Most of you know that I don't do Hello Kitty, lol.  But I wanted to do a set for two of my besties and they just happen to love the lil kitty, so I gave it a shot.  Turns out, they liked it! Hey, I did good!  And lucky for all the rest of you HK fans, they have allowed me to share with you.  Big thanks to Wendy and Ria:)

Also made a set for another of my dear bff's, Jaydee.  This one is more her style (and mine) and again she has allowed me to share!

And although I'm posting these, since they were customs, I'm shamelessly going to make a plug for donations..hey, this BlackBerry Girl needs coffee...especially the Starbucks (since I don't have Timmies) variety, lol!  And I also need to some how pay for that Ipod Touch. Well at least Ebay has some good deals.  Ugh :) ) Ha Ha.

I've made some walls to go with the sets, and you can find even more great ones on Julie's blog   Luv My Evo .  Thanks girl, they are fab!

Well here they are, Hello X-Mas and Elegant X-Mas, and always, Enjoy:)

Hello X-Mas
Made this wallpaper to go with the set...can be found on the wallpaper
page, along with one more:)
Partly Cloudyn


Hello X-Mas BW
Hello X-Mas Battex

Elegant X-Mas

Thank-You Julie for the awesome walls!  This one goes perfect with the set!!
Go check out her blog for more awesome ones!  



Friday, November 23, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Love the holidays, don't like the cold and the crazy shopping (well unless I get myself some things too!!) We also don't get to really experience the whole "winter" we hardly get any snow at all..just cold...It would almost be better with snow! Wish we all really lived in a winter wonderland, minus the stress, shopping, and just enjoy the season for what it is.  I hope everyone can take some time in this busy season to step back, take a breath, and enjoy the time.  Even though Christmas is not really my holiday, I still love this time of year..the colours, lights, smells, all are so much fun:)  Brings families together, and plenty of faith and good spirit around.   So, here we are.  Thanksgiving is over, I'm stuffed full of turkey, and now on to the cookies, decorations and merriment! I want to thank Elizabeth  for making me this awesome background and banner!  I love it:)  Thanks girl, it's perfect for the season!! You need to check out her blog, BabyBerryGirl! Let's celebrate with 3 new sets, shall we?  I made a Christmas set last year that was "normal" looking called Frio X-mas.  You can find that on my BW page.  This year time for some cute Christmas..I bring you Jingle Bells, Silent Night and Snow Beast :)  And of course battex to match!   These took quite some time in designing and making so for Jingle Bells I will ask for a donation for it.  $1.50 and you will get the matching battex as well.  Silent Night and  Snow Beast will be available to download as usual:))   Thanks for your continued support, and am so happy you stopped by!  Have a wonderful holiday season.  As always, Enjoy:)

Jingle Bells


Jingle Bells Battex



Silent Night


Silent Night BW

Silent Night Battex



Snow Beast

Snow Beast BW
Snow Beast Battex