Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No, I haven't left...

Hello, folks!  I'm still here.:)  But I have been working hard at my new relationship with my Zed10.  Oh what a beautiful device!  The swipes, gestures, Hub, Peek, Flow, everything is super smooth!  No hour glass whats so ever, no reboots, and did I say fast????  WOW.  And the virtual keyboard is outstanding.  Better than any I've tried typing on.  I thought I would miss my Bold keyboard.   Still make a few mistakes, but am getting better each day, and this thing actually gets to know you and your typing. So cool.
People can say what they will about BlackBerry, but this is one heck of a phone.
Do I miss some things and wish it had a few more features?  Yes I do.  But you know what? For me it's perfect.  I use it mostly for calls, email, texts, BBM, Whatsapp, Twitter etc.  I don't play games on my phone and never have although there are some popular ones already available if you must have them.  (That's what my iPad is for - much bigger screen).  The camera to me is awesome....Time Shift? Heck yeah!  I don't watch movies on my phone.  So for ME, it's the perfect choice.
I have Pinterest and Kindle sideloaded.  I could have Instagram, Netflix, Flipboard etc...but I don't use them.

However.  I do think and wish they had all the popular apps Native so that others would think about getting it because it truly is an amazing device.
And customization.  All I really miss is BW on my home screen.   But that will come as soon as more API's are released.
Ok. I will stop here.

The real reason for my post is a new BW set!  Yes, I told you I was still here and would still make stuff for BBOS, Android, Apple...:)))

This set caught my eye as I was searching through Google.  The icons were so cool looking so I thought I would make a set for BW (if there are requests, I will make for iDevices).  Even though I can't use it.  Actually I can.  I have it on my Bold as we speak. LOL

Anyway...I'm rambling.   Here is Plex!
As always, Enjoy..

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Plex BW

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  1. Love it... Thank you so much for all your bw sets and making things usable on android