Friday, May 3, 2013

Z to Q !

Well hello there again! The latest news to hit the BB world is the long awaited release of the Q10!  So UK and Canada have it now, and other countries soon to follow.  So I thought why not show some love to my fellow BB users who have the Q or will be getting the Q!   Made some wallpaper, and if time permits, will continue to make for both devices:)   No, I won't forget Legacy and other platforms...but these are exciting times for BlackBerry, so just need to spend a little time with BB10!

First a few for the Zed!

This one also looks great with one or two active frames open.
The ones I will be posting will not have the custom name or message, but  for a donation,  you can  have a personalized copy with whatever text you want !

 And now the Q!

Thanks to Russ of Gray Matter for the SS, and more importantly for the Vital Signs app...
Doesn't it look awesome?!!  Get yours from BBW!

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