Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Blogger Girls "DO" give a Hoot!

Hey everyone...remember the blogger girls?  Elizabeth, Wendy and yours truly?  Well here we are again for another installment:)
First I will take the time to show case an adorable theme by Themerzz for Legacy BlackBerry devices.  Super cute with awesome wallpaper made by Elizabeth of BabyBerryGirl, and way cute icons, dual color clock that changes by the minute.   Very nicely done...Sadly I can't rock it right now, but if I were still using my Bold, I would be for sure.  If you like super cute owls and great functioning themes, then you need this one!  Get it from BlackBerry World today!

Oh and you know the best part??? My Hoot Hoot weather goes absolutely perfect with it!!!  So don't forget to download that too:)  You can get more wallpapers for the theme from BabyBerryGirl for BlackBerry, iBabyGirl for iPhone, and DroidBabyGirl  for Android.  Wendy on It's A Berry Sweet iLife has also made a wp for all devices and Zepplin for you iPhoner's:) I also made a couple walls for the weather set and theme myself....

It's always fun doing things with my girls, and although we all have different phones, we manage to cater to everyone!   So thanks for looking and have fun downloading!!  Don't forget to grab the other stuff from the Blogger Girls!
(Ps. You might have to wait for Elizabeth....she's on the west coast...😉)

Cute Owl Theme by Themerzz  available in BlackBerry World!!
How cute is this????  Wallpaper by Elizabeth of BabyBerryGirl

Wallpaper by me with Hoot Hoot BW...find this and other sizes in the walls tab:)
Hoot Hoot weather available for BW  - BlackBerry and Android , and WeatherIcon and Weatherwidgets for iPhone


  1. Love glad you haven't forgotten is android users and you stillare making beweather :)

  2. hello ,i'm sabina.. please it's possible have this widget for iphone? i searched everywhere but i can't find.. my email is ... if i have to pay it's okay.. thank you.. pleaseeeeeeeee :)

  3. Hello Sabina, thanks for stopping by!
    If you do a search for Hoot Hoot, you will find the links there. It is in a previous post:) No need to pay:))))