Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I heart Flip Flops

Welllllll...this sort of says it all!  Once the weather goes from cold to warm to hot, out come my flip flops and they stay out until it gets cold again.  I wear them every day, all day, everywhere I go.  Unless I'm going out for the evening (but even then, here in Raleigh, if I did, and I do, it would be perfectly normal to do so, LOL)!  Summer is here, and I love it!!

So I thought a weather set was in order, and even If I can't use it right now, the rest of you BBOS, Android, and iPhone peeps can.  So do me a favour, dl it and post a screen shot on CB, Twitter, or Instagram (@hamsterwheel1) , so I can enjoy the weather too!

As an added bonus, Wendy of It's a Berry Sweet iLife has made a matching zepplin for iPhone, which is also available here!  Thanks, Wendy!!

Here you have Flip Flop weather!  As always, Enjoy



Flip Flop  BWI

FlipFlop on iPhone with matching Zepplin, Thanks Wendy!!

Flip Flop Widget Icons



  1. Thank you!!! I am a flip flop person myself. I cannot stand shoes. Of course my flip flops are hot pink and black LOL Anyway, love the set. Will post on CB

  2. You're very welcome!!! Glad to know someone is as a diehard flip flop person hahahha.
    Mine are Teal, polka dots, stripes, purple....oh so many! LOL!

  3. I'm a diehard for sure! Screenie posted on CB. Thanks again!

  4. Sooo cute....no be weather? I love you're beweather Sets especially for us android Users

  5. Thanks, but of course the there is BW. The link is right there below the weather images:))))

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see it lol, thank you