Sunday, November 4, 2012

Keeping Calm

Hello everyone, it's a new month and time for new things. It's November, and that means cooler temps, Thanksgiving, and Christmas lists need to get done! Actually it's probably one of the busiest times for everyone!   I need to get moving on my shopping...eeek.
 I've made a new set in different colours and this time around, I'm going to ask for a $1 donation for the coloured versions.  I love making and sharing my stuff, but I'm finding it really hard to fit the time into making them.  And they do take time.  I'm also looking for a "real" job which is becoming more important, so I was hoping that by offering these sets for a donation it would help me out.   The original of this set I will post, but if you want any of the coloured ones, please donate and provide your email address you would like the link sent to as well as which one you would like. You will also get the matching battex if you want it:). Just let me know in the donation note.  Hope you like, I called them Keep Calm, because it's the name of my blog, and in the busy season ahead of us, we do all need to keep calm (and berry on ofcourse:))
As always, Enjoy.

*Just a note on these sets...these are small sets - I wanted something different, something new, and not such huge icons as we're used to. They also look better when used in a dock.. As a result, if you use the BW Homescreen wallpaper option, you won't be able to increase the size.

Keep Calm

Keep Calm BW

Keep Calm Crazy

Keep Calm Purple

Keep Calm Pink

Keep Calm Battex



  1. Love them all like 'Crazy' !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks!! Didn't know what to call it lol!

  2. finally! you're getting some money towards you're talant! you should be proud :) got them all, yay :3 muchos love xo

  3. How can I purchase this keep calm battex for android?