Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night!

I recently became a US Citizen, and with that, I gained the privilege to vote for the first time here in this country.  I was pretty excited and honoured to do so, and because NC has early voting, I cast my first ever vote as an American a few days ago.  I've been waiting for this night, to find out the results...knowing that my vote may have made a difference.  At least I hope so.   Hope everyone voted!
And so, here we have Election Weather!  It's another realistic set, and I'm really liking this one.  And a bonus cutesie set I wasn't sure I was going to post....mainly because I normally don't do cute, and wasn't sure if this even looked good.  Matter of fact, I had to search for wallpaper lol.  Thank god for Wendy! Ha Ha!
I want to thank those who donated for the last series of sets! I will post these as this is a special night, but donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!  
So here you have it - Election and Sweetie Pie!  As always, Enjoy.





Election BW

Sweetie Pie




Sweetie Pie BW

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