Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

EDIT: Couple more added:)

On my recent blog visits to my favourite sites, I fell in love with some of the walls that Susan from iPDASH had made.  She has great talent and has a very unique style.  Of course the walls are for the iPhone 5 but she was kind enough to resize a couple for me (thanks, girl!)...BUT of course I wanted more of them and I really didn't want to keep bugging her to make them for my phone.  So I attempted to make a couple of my own.  Not as good as her's but not too bad, lol.
Thanks for the inspiration and ideas, Susan!
Check out my wall page for how they turned out:)  

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  1. aw thankyou so much hun, i really love them!!! i love iPDASH walls too, but i don't know them well enough to ask them so you doing your own kind has really helped my bb look purty, thanks a lot :)