Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The weather outside is changing....

And that means........it's jeans weather!  I love, love jeans.  That's all I wear all season long and into winter.
We just won't talk about the gazillion pairs I have that are too snug right now. Sigh.  But then again, I got to go shopping for more!  YAY!..

To honour all my jeans sitting in my closet that won't be worn for awhile, and to the new ones I just got...
Here is Denim!  Those with BB10 will need to get the app Wallpaper Changer HD by Shao as these will be added there.  Also added Inspire Hope Pink for BW and iPhone per request for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.    As always Enjoy.

Denim BW for Legacy BlackBerry and Android
Denim WWI for iPhone

Denim Pink BW for Legacy BlackBerry and Android
Denim Pink WWI for iPhone

Inspire Hope Pink BW
Inspire Hope Pink WWI for iPhone


  1. Thank you...love the hope especially as I am a breast cancer survivor

  2. Yay u did it... Thank u so much I love them