Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm really enjoying this great weather we're having, aren't you?  I hope you are! I had my first pumpkin latte too from Starbucks!  YAY.  And I'm gonna make chilli for Football Sunday.  Oh and hockey has's just gets better and better.  We won't talk about #BBM4ALL ok?  Sigh.  But it is "coming soon".   Seriously, BBM is awesome and you all know it.  I know you're waiting for it!

Ok well anyway, lets get to the point...Made a new set in 3 colors! A sparkly, glittery thing...Pink : for Breast Cancer Awarenss.  Orange:  For Halloween and Autumn.  Purple: Because it's my favorite colour :)
For lack of a better name, here I give you Sparkles Weather.  As always enjoy.


  1. So nice to see my Z still posting sets and enjoying life! I wanna be around for that chilli ;) I can't wait for #BBM4ALL and we can finally chat like the old times but with more spelling mistakes cause of touch screen :D hahaha. Glad to see youre well and speak soon :) xxxx

  2. Thanks for your great sets as always for android...