Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Season's Change..

Hey everyone, it's been awhile!  Went on vacation to Toronto (finally!) and then just took a break from the blog and making stuff.  Besides, I wanted to enjoy the rest of the summer and mess around with my new baby Bold:)  (well hubs got it used, but new to me!, lol).  I'm loving it at the moment.  It's a slick device and probably should have just gotten it in the first place.  But, I have enjoyed the Torch also, and it's still there for back-up or if I get tired of this one (which I doubt).  Well summer is almost over (though the temps don't say so..) and fall is upon us..Frankly I'm ready for it.  We've had a looooooong hottttttt summer, and I just want to get into jeans and a sweatshirt and well do all the fally things:)  School is back in session (Yay!), Football has started, and I'm ready for some apple pie!   New look for my blog also, and along with that...2 new sets to start the season.  One is a realistic set and one a fall themed one. I'm actually not sure about that one, but I will post it anyway..someone might like it, lol.  As always, Enjoy.


Mateo BW

Fall Festival

Fall Festival BW


Fall Festival Battex


  1. soooooo excited I can use your fall bwi, thanks so much for sharing it :]