Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's a colourful life

Anniversary Day!  Today marks 14yrs (wow!).... Have to love a man who understands my obsession with Blackberry (apart from the occasional smart alec comment about ALWAYS being on my phone or doing something related to it, lol)and he's been super supportive.  It's been a colourful journey so far..lots off brightness, mixed in with some grey.....But I look forward to plenty more. After all, we all need colour in our lives!  This set is perfect to add colour to your phones, and of course your daily lives.  It's another water colour type set, and I called this one Rainbow World:)  The battex is a heart for my day of love today.   Check out the walls page for colourful walls!  Also, I've raided my closet and posted some more older sets (on the BW page), so have a look and see what fits:)  As always, Enjoy.

Rainbow World

Rainbow World


Rainbow World Battex


  1. Happy 14th Anniversary & Congrats for making it this far...that's rare these days. & Love the BW

  2. Happy Anniversary Z !!! Perfect set for your special day full of rainbows and love :) Thanks....and Congrats !!!

  3. Thanks girls! It has been a journey, lol. Enjoy the sets:)

  4. Happy 14th Anniversary! Sorry I missed it by 2 days. And another fantastic set!

    1. Thanks Barbie! It's great to enjoy each others work!