Thursday, June 28, 2012

Born on the 1st and 4th of July

Being a dual citizen of two great countries, I get to celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day!  And how convenient that they are so close in terms of dates? July 1 and July 4, pretty awesome. Throw in my birthday on June 29th, and I have a week long celebration...just the way I like it:)  I wanted to make a set for this holiday, and in order to keep it neutral so people from both sides of the border can use, I stayed away from national colours, lol.   Instead, yellow and purple fireworks:)
Posting it early so you'll have it before hand to set up the screen shots!!  Of course you can use it anytime as well:):)
Have a safe and fun holiday, no matter which one you'll be celebrating!   As always, Enjoy





Fireworks Battex


  1. Let me be the first to say Happy Birthday to one of my fave besties Zaiby !!! Hope your day is as Fab as you are :)

  2. Very beautiful set! And Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!!!!

  3. Thank you, ladies!!!! Day has been great so far:)))