Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winter is coming!

Well for some of us.  Some of us will get it later, but here is a set for the cold weather coming!

Frosty for Zooper Pro (and Kustom)...


UPDATE:  @tennisjunkie2  converted Frosty for iPhone!  Enjoy and big thanks to her:):)!!

Frosty for Zooper

Frosty iPhone


  1. I hun I'm new to zooper widgets. I just wanted to know would you be able to talk me through or make a tutorial on how to convert beweather icons to zooper weather icons. I'm willing to pay if its time consuming. Thank you in advace

  2. Hi! It can be time consuming as you have to rename all the images and make a new image for wind condition that beweather doesn't have. Or I guess you could put any image for that since wind doesn't really show up often lol. And then you need to modify the xml file.

    I just don't have the time to convert them all. But if you want to that's fine, just give credit to me as the original maker :) I will see if I can put up a tutorial!