Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Year, New Toys...

I have a confession to  make....So, my awesome hubby got a Note 4 on his upgrade, and decided that I should have one too!  Yes, I now have an Android phone!  Eek!  This BlackBerry girl now has a device on all three platforms....Z30, Note 4, and my iPad!  I'm a Mobile Nations person, lol.

I'm impressed with the Note 4, and am loving being able to customize again.  I really love the S-Pen and the screen size.  I do miss things from my BlackBerry, so I'm still going to be using it as well.  I will also continue to make stuff for BlackBerry as it really is my first love.  But best of all worlds I say!

I've been messing around with widgets, mainly Zooper Pro, and decided to give a try at making a weather icon set to use with it.  This is my first attempt, hope you like!  It's a bitmap iconset with 12 day and night icons (haven't figured out how to make the scaleable ones yet).  I may port some of my older sets to go with it as well if time permits - I've recently started a part time job, so won't have as much time to play. Will also attempt to make some widgets!

As always, Enjoy!

Texture Weather for Zooper Pro

And here are some recent screenshots!  Widgets found on Google Play, XDA so credit to the creators..I just modified some to match colors.  Icons from Google Play and XDA, again credit to the creators.


  1. Woot Woot for customization! Awesome screenshots! Thanks for the new weather set its gorgeous <3

    1. Thank you, Wendy! Will convert it soon!

  2. Yay welcome.e to the Note 4 family