Thursday, December 18, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...

It's almost time!  Are you ready?  I still need to wrap some gifts, but other than that I think I'm finally done.  It's been overwhelming and a little stressful, but now I can sit back and relax and enjoy the season.  Too many times we forget to take a breather (which I'm guilty of) and it doesn't feel fun anymore.  So if you're still rushing around and have too much to do, just take a few minutes, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or wine if you prefer, lol) and just sit and relax.  Just for a few.  Everything will eventually get done.  I promise.  

This is how I relax sometimes....with a cup of coffee, and a few minutes to play.



  1. Gorgeous walls Z! Merry Christmas and All the Best in 2015 to you and your family :) Okay lets have that did say wine didn't you lol!

    1. Thank-you Wendy! And same to you and yours! Yes, I did say wine! Cheers!

  2. yay more walls for your sweater icons :] Thanks, Merry Christmas!!!!

  3. Lovely...thank you as always... Happy holidays to you and your family