Thursday, February 13, 2014

Waiting for Spring...

I'm really not a winter fan.  Not at all.  Only thing I like about it right now are the Olympics and hot drinks...Enough of all this snow.  I bet all of you are sick of it too.  So as I was sitting here on yet another day stuck at home,  I finished this weather set I was debating on for Spring.  I'm not sure about it and how it will look on all your screens, but I hope you guys like it.   Just wanted to see flowers for a change instead of snow and ice!

Available for BlackBerry and Android BW, and iPhone WW.    If you want to drop a donation I wouldn't mind that either!

As always, Enjoy!

Spring Blossom WW

Spring Blossom BWI

Thank-you Wendybee for the Screen Shots!!

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