Friday, September 6, 2013

Hello Fall....

It's almost Autumn....although you wouldn't know it, as the heat is still on over here...But I'm so ready.  Now I do love summer and everything about it, and I'm not really a cold weather person at all, but a little bit cooler would be nice, lol.  But Football is here, Hockey is coming soon, and the Halloween decorations and pumpkins are already out in stores...I'd say Fall is here!
Anyway....A new set for a new season!  Free for everyone, but please do not sell, reproduce, know the drill!

Set is available for Legacy BlackBerry BeWeather, Android, and iPhone.  There will also be a version coming to Shao's WP Changer app for BlackBerry 10 users!  In fact I've submitted at least 10 new sets for him to add!  YAY!

Autumn Goodness weather on iPhone: SS by Wendy of Its a Berry Sweet iLife, Wp by me found on wall page

Autumn Goodness BWI

Autumn Goodness Widgets iPhone

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