Monday, February 4, 2013

First time for everything

Hey guys...I think this has been one of the longest several days I've been through in a while!  First, I took on this silly notion that I should try making a theme on my own.  Then the semi-launch of BlackBerry 10. Not what I had hoped for in terms of availability, and therefore some what disappointing.  Still want it.  When is the question.  Anyway.  Back to the theme.  Started.  Almost gave up.  Was called a wimp. Said ok, now I have to do this.  Several builds later, here we have Keep Calm.  I have made a theme!!!  Granted it's a default style, but who cares? It's a theme! Built by me!!  BIG HUGE THANKS to drkapprentice and 69goat for their patience, support and showing me the ropes. This would not have happened without them.

This theme will be free for all to enjoy as  a celebration and thanks for the support! Link on theme page

Keep Calm

Here's a super cute and versatile theme.  Lots of options with this one.  2 docks, 4 color options for both the clock and banners, custom icons, cute font, pastel purple and blue colors throughout!  Girls, this one you're going to want to have!!!  Find it on the theme page:)


This theme was built by 12345 Themes (69goat) and designed by me.  Truly this one is awesome.  Great looking font, elegant minimal screen, animated sliding dock, and 8 color options.  Seriously will go with all wallpaper! Look on the theme page to buy!


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  1. soon you will be designing and making the themes!! privileged to have you in our BlackBerry community and my BBM ;) lol!