Friday, May 25, 2012

New Weather!

Susan of iPDASH made this set for Iphone, and flybabyroxy wanted it for Blackberry, so I told her I would give it a shot.  Credit goes to Susan for finding the icons,  as well as some of the conditions within the set.  I had to make extra ones as BB requires more, but I had a good base to start of with: Susan's!  Thanks, girl!!

Water Color

I thought these icons were so cool, that I made a matching battex for it as well!

Water Color Battex


  1. Sooo cool ! Thx Z and Susan for this super cute colab !

  2. loveeeeee, glad we can spread the beauty :]from ip to bb

  3. Yay! The set came out great! Thx Zaiby and Susan <3

  4. Just passing thru to drop some luv and support for you new blog. ;) All the best.


  5. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like!!!

    @Susan: It's fun - let's keep doing it!
    @Tim: Aww thanks for stopping by! Come back often:)
    @Wendy,@ Roxy: I like it! Glad Susan came up with the idea!